Chemicals from NEOS are supporting the manufacturing at various manufacturing sites such as those for automobiles, IT device components and household electrical products. In our long years of research, we have developed more than 600 products with clear concepts that precisely meet the needs of manufacturing sites. We work to develop products with a strong awareness of the "environment and cleanliness." We strictly verify the effects of products after their development and continue to improve those products and use them to develop solutions for a wide range of manufacturing workplaces.

Cutting and grinding fluid/Cleaning agent/Paint remover/Anti-rust agent/Rust removing agent

For 60 years, we have contributed to all kinds of production workplace and have offered total consulting for problem solving and new value.

Support from NEOS made possible by in-depth knowledge and proven results

  • Cuttingļ¼šNC lathes,Machining centers,Combined machines

    Main products

    • Finecut
    • Water-soluble cutting fluid
    • Water-soluble cutting and grinding fluid
    • Water-soluble grinding fluid
  • Cuttingļ¼šCam grinding machines,Cylindrical grinding machines,Various grinding

  • Maintenance

    Main products

    • Maintenance cleaning agent
    • Paint remover
    • Anti-rust agent
    • Rust removing agent
  • Cleaning

    Main products

    • Detergent

Fluorine based surfactant Fluorine based release agent

Fluorine is a material with very high potential and it is used in a great variety of fields, including the semiconductor, electronics, automobile, building materials and pharmaceutical fields. The original organic fluorine compounds that NEOS has developed by utilizing the strengths of this material offer new value to the customers.

[Specified oil control materials] Oil spill dispersant Oil remover

Marine pollution such as oil spilled in marine accidents has a massive effect on marine resources and the marine ecosystem and on the lives of people living along the coasts. Ever since the company's foundation, NEOS has been making a contribution to the world with dispersant for oil spills to protect the oceans. We lead the industry with development that is strongly conscious of the global environment.


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