CSR and the environment

  • Where NEOS is found

    NEOS supports manufacturing work sites. Items that are supported by NEOS products are in use in various places in our daily lives. Here we introduce the various NEOS products and services that are in action in society.

  • Environmental policy (ISO14001)

    NEOS recognizes that the protection of the global environment is an important issue and is implementing various measures to reduce the company's burden on the environment. Here we introduce the environmental policy of NEOS.

  • Quality policy (ISO9001)

    In order to improve the level of customer satisfaction, NEOS provides products and services to the customers with thorough quality management. Here we introduce the quality policy of NEOS.

  • Development of environmental technology

    The Central Research Laboratory that is the research and development base for NEOS is performing research and development on technologies and chemical agents for the processing of environmental pollutants on land and in the ocean. Here we introduce the measures at NEOS to develop environmental technologies.

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