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Ever since the foundation of NEOS in 1950, we have continued to support industry with the power of chemistry and technology.
We currently have three business headquarters: Chemical Product Headquarters, Chemical Engineering Headquarters and Global Headquarters. We supply a wide range of industrial chemicals and precision cleaning and polishing services to industry.
From now onwards, we will continue to promote our creative technical development. We will create new value and contribute to manufacturing in Japan and around the world through the advancement of our core technologies such as fluorine materials, through technical development in precision cleaning and precision polishing and through the global expansion of our industrial chemicals.

Chemical Product Headquarters - Research, development, manufacturing and sales of chemicals for industrial use

Professionals in chemicals who support the world of industry

Chemicals from NEOS are supporting the manufacturing at various manufacturing sites such as those for automobiles, IT device components and household electrical products.

We supply products that are "indispensable" in manufacturing, including the "cutting and grinding fluid" used when processing metal components, the "cleaning agents" used when removing contamination such as oil and paint that has become attached to metal components, "paint remover" and the "mold release agents" used when removing resin or rubber components from molds.

The Central Research Laboratory that is the brains of NEOS has so far created more than 600 types of product, including the organic fluorine compounds developed uniquely by NEOS. We will continue to accurately grasp the requirements of the customers and to offer solutions and new value.

Product information

Chemical Engineering Headquarters - Precision cleaning, precision polishing, chemical cleaning and various surface treatments

Extreme cleaning technology that removes even nano-scale particles and chemical power to clean and regenerate any kind of metal.

Precision cleaning using ultra-high cleanliness technology for the various components making up the manufacturing equipment for products such as semiconductors and solar panels. Precision polishing using ultra-high purity technology for components and materials such as those in high purity gas supply systems. Sophisticated chemical cleaning and perfect specialist surface treatments for the various equipment inside large-scale facilities such as chemical plants. NEOS provides a range of services.

Precision cleaning and precision polishing

Small particles and ion contamination that are invisible to the eye cause problems at the manufacturing sites for precision equipment and the numerous components used on the machinery to manufacture products such as semiconductors and solar panels. NEOS performs a cleaning service with ultra-high cleanliness that can remove those nano-scale particles. Furthermore, for the polishing of items such as vacuum equipment and the components and materials for high-purity gas supply systems and ultrapure water systems, we use original technology developed by NEOS based on long years of research. This technology reliably processes even slight scratching or corrosion on the surface.

Chemical cleaning and various surface treatments

NEOS performs cleaning on the equipment, instrumentation, piping and other parts built into large-scale structures such as chemical plants, shipyards and research facilities. These structures and their equipment have advanced in recent years and the cleaning of the ever more complex instruments, piping and other parts now requires a higher level of particle removal and chemical processing. NEOS responds to those requirements with support for metal of any type or profile. We use the latest inspection devices to select the optimal chemicals and offer sophisticated chemical cleaning and perfect surface treatments.

Service information

Global Headquarters - Development of overseas business bases for the manufacturing and sales of chemicals for industrial use

The global expansion of NEOS is supporting manufacturing around the world with chemistry and original technologies

NEOS responds to the requirements in industry for globalization and supports the customers' business expansion overseas. Today, NEOS products are supporting the manufacturing at various manufacturing sites around the world, including in automobile, machinery and household electrical product manufacturing.

We will continue to contribute to industrial development around the world as a "problem solving and suggestion type company" that finds solutions to the customer's issues through industrial chemicals and works together with the customer to create new value.

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